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When searching for a landline telephone you are faced with two choices- Corded or Cordless Phones. Opting for a corded phone is cheaper which you can get for as low as $20 rather than a cordless. Other than the price factor listed below are some features which will help you decide on why you should buy corded phones.

The best Corded phones are much more reliable than the basic cell phones. You do not have to worry about delays in your voice reaching the other person. Sometimes due to bad reception your voice may echo or may not be heard at all when using cell phones,which is not the case with corded phones. With corded phones you can always connect to the other person.

Emergency Use:
Corded phones can function even in case of power outage since electricity is drawn directly from the telephone lines. This is of great help in case of emergencies during power outages which occur due to weather conditions such as storms, rainfall etc.

Sound quality:
The sound quality is better in phones of corded variant as they have large built in speaker than modern cell phones. There are also phones with amplifiers which will help people who are hard of hearing to have a clear conversation.

Your Needs:
Depending on your needs, the most effective corded phones can be used for business or home use. Business use requires a phone with call transfer, call hold, intercom, speaker with multi line facility. Some of the best corded phones even offer teleconference or VoIP or IP Phone feature where you can have teleconferences with clients over the internet. Being easy to set up , convenient and are of great help in case of emergencies, the most common use of corded phones is at homes.

Your style:
Corded Phones can be wall mounted or push button type with a base station. Typically these phones have an LCD display for showing the caller's ID, phone number. It's also useful for easy accessing of the many features of the phone such as contact saving, call waiting or call blocking. Some brands such as Clarity offer corded phones with touch screen for displaying information. Easily available in attractive design and colors the corded phones can make a style statement in your homes and offices.

Based on the above mentioned points the corded phones which are reliable and best suited to your needs and style are presented below.

Clarity Ensemble 58003.001 Touch Screen Phone


1. Clarity Ensemble    $75

Uniden CEZ202 Slimline Corded Phone


2. Uniden CEZ202    $70

Clarity E814 Phone


3. Clarity E814   

Clarity XL45 Phone


4. Clarity XL45   

AT&T 17929 Landline Telephone


5. AT&T 17929    $35

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