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Thomas Alva Edison's Edison General Electric Company & Charles A. Coffin's Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged together to form a new company called General Electric Company (GE) in 1892, one of the leading brands in home appliances.

GE's Top load, Front load, Stackable, or Portable washing machines have the same washing capability as that of a traditional washing machine with options like the temperature settings, water adjustment control, automatic detergent, fabric softener dispensers, delay start, etc for effective washing.

GE's Portable washing machines have a smaller capacity of around 2 cu.ft. As these machines are lightweight, have adjustable legs to provide stability, you can connect them to a sink faucet and once the washing is done, the machines can be moved for storage.

The differentiating factor is the latest technologies specific to GE Washing machines as listed below:

High Efficiency: GE claims their High Efficiency (HE) Front load and Top load models use about 64% less water and 75% less energy and all have an Energy standard rating of atleast 3 or higher. Other factors which contribute to their high efficiency are:

1. Large capacity in the range of 4-5 cu.ft. due to which more laundry is done in less time, thus saving energy.
2. Load sensing adaptive fill technology: Only required amount of water is used to clean clothes.
3. Moisture sensors which stops the machine automatically when clothes are dry.

Quiet Package: Here noise dampening material is used to reduce noise levels. Several settings like Deluxe Quiet package/Economy/Quiet-By-Design/Luxury are available for different models depending on how the material is used during manufacturing.

Adaptive Vibration Control: Allows the machine to reduce vibration and noise caused due to an unbalanced laundry load by changing the spin patterns.

SmartDispenser and Stain Inspector: Automatically releases detergent and fabric softeners depending on the soil level when selected. Works best when the stain inspector is also enabled.

eWash and eMonitor option: Selection of the eWash option utilizes cold water wash for some cycles and all the eMonitor lights will glow automatically to indicate that the energy saving setting is enabled. An electronic readout will give you the efficiency of each wash load.

The best GE washing machines come with Adaptive Vibration Control, eWash, eMonitor features and are typically priced around $500 to $1000 and above. These machines work best at heavy loads and have relatively quiet operations. GE machines are also best if you are looking at portable washing machines with a high energy efficiency.

Mentioned below are the best GE Washing Machines available in the market based on the ratings given after expert reviews from around the world.



1. GE GTWN4250DWS    $584 - $589

GE GTWN2800DWW Top Load Washer


2. GE GTWN2800DWW    $600

GE GFWN1100LWW Front-Load Washer


3. GE GFWN1100LWW   

General Electric GTWP1800DWW Washing Machine


4. General Electric GTWP1800DWW   



5. GE GFWS3500LWW   

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