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The $400 price point sits nicely between the best compact cameras and the budget higher end cameras with interchangeable lenses or the micro-four thirds platforms. These higher end cameras are often the best buys at or below $400.

The sub-$400 price range covers bridge cameras and different kinds of compact digital cameras including basic point and shoots, travel zooms, rugged models and other pocket cameras. Most of these top rated models are the fixed lens cameras. At this price range you should probably get easy-to-use cameras with greater image resolutions, better optical zoom range and great video recording capabilities.

With the LCD screen size of at least 3 inch, the best digital camera under $400 can capture images of at least 14 Megapixel resolution and Full HD 1080p videos. Also, some of these SLR-like digital cameras possess an optical zoom of over 6x.

Check out our product listing of the best digital cameras under $400 are majorly available from brands including Panasonic, Canon, Nikon and Sony under the Lumix, Powershot, Coolpix and Cyber-shot product lines respectively.

Buying tips to find the Best Digital Camera Under $ 400 of 2014

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